Delta Variant PSA

Thursday, July 22 2021


Delta variant is on the rise and considered the dominant strain responsible for 83% of all COVID cases in the United States.  Delta variant is highly transmissable.  There is an increased concern for young, and unvaccinated people, who are being hospitalized at alarming rates. 

Please consider getting vaccinated.  Vaccines are effective against the delta variant, and though still possible to get infected, the vaccines reduce the risk of serious illness that leads to hospitalization or death. 

It is recommended to continue to wear a mask indoors with people who may be unvaccinated and unmasked even if you are vaccinated.  

Covid-19 Delta Variant Testing:

  • All RBHC COVID testing will detect the Delta Variant.
    1. Our tests do not differentiate between the different Covid-19 variants.
  • Patients will be continue to be tested at RBHC
  • Any positive results will be sent to the Montana State Public Health Lab for DNA sequence testing.
    1. This test is not a CLIA waived and is used for research purposes only
    2. RBHC will not get results back from the state on variant type.
    3. The State Epidemiologist will follow up with the patient provider if the Delta variant is detected.  
  • If COVID positive, you may be asked to come back to RBHC for a second swab to send to the state lab.


To schedule your vaccine please call 406.395.1655.