Isotonitazene The Dangerous New Opioid

Wednesday, May 25 2022

Isotonitazene, or “Iso” is a dangerous synthetic opioid. Like fentanyl, but even more deadly, Iso can be found in many forms and hidden in many drugs, mostly those obtained illegally. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration,

“The population likely to abuse isotonitazene appears to be the same as those abusing prescription opioid analgesics, heroin, tramadol, fentanyl, and other synthetic opioid substances. This is evidenced by the types of other drugs coidentified in isotonitazene seizures and in fatal overdose cases. Because abusers of isotonitazene are likely to obtain it through unregulated sources, the identity, purity, and quantity are uncertain and inconsistent, thus posing significant adverse health risks to the end user.” DEA PDF article


Iso has either a yellow, brown, or off-white powder appearance. Although there is still much being learned about Iso, it is much harder to reverse an overdose using opioid receptor antagonists like Naloxone than even fentanyl. Don’t be mistaken, fentanyl is extremely deadly. Iso is even more deadly.


Life is precious. You are valuable. Learn about these dangers so we can prevent death and embrace life in our communities.